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About the artist:

In art school Mikaela Nordlund never really understood the deal with becoming an illustrator that many of her classmates was longing for. It was the craftsmanship and the artistry that lured her. Mikaela´s admiration for the old masters came to be the essential in her education. Just turned twenty she was offered to illustrate a chronicle, written by the well known author Jan Lindérs, during the summer for the well regarded newspaper Skånska Dagbladet. It became a success and the collaboration went on for several years to come. The complexity of creating pictures that build upon the the written text became something she wanted to refine and evolve. A few years later when she was asked to illustrate the complete childrens collection of Kreativ insikt her knowledge and skill was put to test. The collaboration with Kreativ insikt lasted for years and lead to several successful and insightful collections. Many of the products are still available to purchase and are used daily by kids, families and schools. The products success lays in the combination of the beautifully composed texts and the richly detailed and sensitive illustrations.

In her thirties Mikaela participated in several exhibitions judged by juries and therefore achieved the title fine art artist. Mikaela use her knowledge in fine art when she illustrates and the pictures always have a deeper meaning. She prolong novels and other texts through detailed pictures that tells a story outside of the written story. Mikaela´s personal manners stand out, in a world full och technology and digital art, with pictures that feels and breathes handmade craftsmanship.

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Clients (now and then):

UR, Skånska dagbladetNordisk kriminalkrönika, Kreativ insikt,

NA förlag, Studio Natal, Bjärefågel, Barnens förlag.

Mikas ateljé,

mail: mika(at)mikasatelje.com

Telephone +4670 554 26 71